burque.fun is a calendar of events around albuquerque, new mexico, us. it is curated to focus mostly on smaller music, dance, art, and mutual aid events.

events can (and should) be submitted by anyone, preferably with images and accurate information.


if you do not like the curation or selection, you should go ahead and start your own calendar. this one is made with the open-source gancio software. as a bonus, this is federated, so can be followed on something like mastodon, etc. you should check it out.

there are many ways to export/follow/subscribe to the burque.fun from your favorite calendar app, if you so desire. (use the share icon at the top.)

the instagram feature on the add event page is highly experimental. you can try it first if there is an instagram post about the event you wish to add. it might work.

  • fun <at> burque.fun 📭