Indigenize the Plate

tiny grocer ABQ on Instagram: "FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY !! on Sept 22nd - let me say I'm SO EXCITED to be able to host this event - subject matters closest to my heart: the food of our land - the food of my ancestors (we are still here!) - food sovereignty - food !! Starting at 4pm, Marcy will start making her frybread / Navajo tacos on the patio At 6pm - Andi Murphy, senior producer of Native America Calling and the creator of MY VERY FAVORITE PODCAST @toastedsisterpodcast (if you don't already listen, start immediately!) will be joining us on the patio, and at 7pm we are screening a brand new documentary Indigenize the Plate, @tse_nato and there will be a question and answer with the documentarians Natalie Benally + Ernie Zahn @zahntron natalie_benally"

8 months ago
Tiny Grocer
1919 Old Town Rd NW #6